Our Story

Education truly changes lives. More than a decade ago, the founder, Stella Xiao YU started with her business partner to pursue International Study Services. They sent thousands of overseas students to America to pursue their educational dreams. As time passes, many additional younger students travel abroad alone to study in a foreign high school. We have added specialized services for high school students and have become an important connector among students, parents, schools and homestays.

In 2018, Triple-I Education was founded in Los Angeles (USA); today, this group of highly qualified educators help student to continue their pursuit of academic excellence. Along the way, it appears that long-term study habits and improvements in self-motivation need to be established when the students are in high school or even earlier.

Mission & Vision

We believe that every student is unique, and it is important for all educators to recognize that shining elements of each student. During this process of selecting the ideal academic environment, we not only provide customized services for our own clients, but we have also established a non-profit organization, the Triple-I Foundation, to extend our knowledge and networking skills to benefit more people.

Mission & Vision

We believe that everyone has something unique to give to this world and that anyone could be an influencer. We believe the greatest happiness comes from giving, and as Steve Jobs said: “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” We are a group of educators who aim to facilitate their paths to becoming influencers. We encourage students to never set limitations on themselves and to never stop learning.

God loves you all!

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