Research has become one of the most crucial parts of college applications. However, it is difficult for admissions officers to distinguish which project is more valuable. Our aim is not only to provide students with an outstanding output, but also with a strong learning experience and self-motivation stimulation. We do not send students with the identical research projects, but rather, we create invaluable learning experiences for students that are not provided by other educational and consulting companies.

Volunteer Activities

For many years, we have seen students doing volunteer work that helps them in their college applications. We believe that the greatest happiness comes from giving. We deeply know that entering a college is the start of the journey and that volunteer work could be a crucial part of self-fulfillment. We do not advise volunteer activities simply to complete a good resume. Rather, we train you to become an outstanding philanthropist.

Summer School/Camp

Summer is one of the most important periods for students of all grades. In addition to helping students with their applications to summer schools in high schools and colleges, Triple-I Education creates its own unique summer camp for existing clients each year. Please ask one of our consultants for the latest information.


There are all types of competitions within one’s country and internationally. Competition is a great way to help students boost their academic strengths and to motivate themselves. As educators, we understand that not everyone is aiming for the golden prize. However, it is a great learning experience and a fantastic way to strength your overall mental abilities. We observe students’ strengths and assist them with different resources to prepare them for their chosen competition.


An internship is a critical pathway to a future career. We provide the best Internship experiences to our students. Whether you are high schoolers or college students, we have you covered. With our experienced Internship Coordinators, we can find the ideal fit for you! Many of our students have extended their internships for longer periods; some of them are even offered a formal position right after the internship. Be sure to take advantage of our Internship Program.

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