When student complete their educational pursuits, they often get lost because many of their academic studies cannot be directly applied to the real world. We provide internship opportunities for students to learn, explore and experience real-world employment situations. Contact our Internship Specialists for more information and find the most suitable internship for you!


We support students with their own business ideas and assist them in finding operational funding. We provide a platform for young people who wish to pursue their dreams in the non-academic world. With our Mentor and Employment Specialists, we customize personal plans for students and guide them through the entire entrepreneurial and employment process.

AI Career Coach

With the dynamic changes in technology, AI is beginning to permeate every aspect of our lives. We work with the best AI Career Coach system created by great organizations to help our students get prepared for the new world realities. When you are ready for this journey, please contact your Mentor or simply send us an email to begin the process.

Money Matters

Normally, students are taught academic knowledge, but lack how to actually earn and manage money. In this section, we have Specialists who guide students on how to use Money as a tool in your life, as well as learning the possible ways of earning money in the real world. In addition, we guide students towards the best ways of money management as a teenager or young adult. We encourage you to meet with our Specialists to gain valuable inside information about life in the real world.

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